God, in the here and now

We believe that God is at work within and throughout all that exists. We believe that God can be encountered simply by paying attention to the here and now, in both our inner experience and the world around us.

What moves you? What brings you life? What do you want to give yourself to? What do you desire most deeply? What holds you when you suffer?

Ignatian spirituality, named after St Ignatius of Loyola, guides you in reflecting on these questions, allowing you to live a life in the light of their answers.

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What am I doing for Christ?

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It's about the journey

When you are trying to see where God is at work in your life, it is so helpful to have someone to talk to. That’s why we are passionate about spiritual accompaniment.

If you want to connect with someone about your spiritual life, explore spiritual direction.

Or, if you share our passion for accompanying people in their relationship with God, take a look at our accompaniment training.

Looking to go deeper?

Spiritual Discernment

Mark Rotsaert SJ is a Flemish Jesuit. He has been novice master for the North Belgium and Dutch Provinces, twice provincial of the North Belgium Province, President of the Conference of European Jesuit Provincials, superior of the Jesuit community at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome, and is currently senior research fellow at Campion Hall, Oxford. He has translated the Spiritual Exercises, the Spiritual Diary, and about forty letters of Ignatius into Dutch, and collaborated in a Dutch edition of the Autobiography.

Spirituality as the art of real presence

John O'Donohue was the author of a book on Hegel's philosophical theology, ‘Person als Vermittlung, Die Dialektik von Individualitiit in Hegels Phiinomenologie des Geistes. Eine philosophisch-theologische Interpretation’ (Mainz, 1993), a collection of poetry, ‘Echoes of memory’ (Poolbeg Press, l994/l997) and ‘Anam Cara: spiritual wisdom from the Celtic world’ (Bantam 1997). He died in 2008.