Our work with schools

Teachers and support staff come to work in Jesuit schools for many different reasons. We hope that they come to experience the distinct tradition and spirit of Jesuit education.

We work to support the leaders, staff and pupils of British Jesuit schools to understand St Ignatius Loyola’s aim for education, ‘improvement in living and learning for the greater glory of God and the common good.’

We do this by providing training for leaders and staff, sharing good practice from around the world and creating or commissioning brand-new resources. 

We also work beyond Jesuit schools with Christian and Catholic schools.

Support for schools

Residential meeting for leaders | Regular residential meetings for Heads, Deputy Heads, Chaplains, Heads of R.E. and Directors of Music.

The governors’ meeting | The annual gathering for Chairs of Governors and training for new governors.

The Shared Vision programme | Formation of teachers and support staff in the Jesuit identity and mission of the schools.

Retreats | Ignatian retreats for school staff, including the Stepping Stones Retreat, an introductory experience to retreats.

Sixth Form Leadership Conference | The annual leadership conference for Sixth Form pupils.

Year 6 conference | The annual conference for Year 6 pupils from Jesuit primary schools.

Inset sessions & retreats | Inset sessions and Retreats led in schools, focussing on identity, community and mission.

What we offer

Weeks of guided prayer

Retreat days


What others have to say

‘Engaging in this programme [Shared Vision 2] enabled me to focus on experience, reflection, action not just ‘teach and do’.’

‘Shared Vision 1 helped me to understand what it actually means to be a Jesuit school.’

‘It was really great to get out of school to stop and reflect upon these important ideas.’

Jesuit schools in Britain

Jesuit schools and educational institutions have spread throughout the world and given countless people the foundational education of their lives.

The eleven Jesuit schools in Britain work together to promote and live out the vision, values and spirit of St Ignatius of Loyola in education.

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