How it works

Ignatian spiritual directors are trained to listen attentively and to help you to explore your awareness of God’s presence and activity in your daily life. They can help you to reflect upon your prayer life and to broaden and deepen your practice of prayer.

A spiritual director is not there to give advice. Their role is to listen and to notice how God is at work in your life. In this way, the director acts as a ‘sounding board’ for whatever you bring to the session, and helps you to discern what is life-giving and what is not.

You can talk about your prayer life, your relationships or any other aspect of what has happened since your last meeting and how these events have affected you and your relationship with God.

What is a prayer guide?

A prayer guide would accompany you during a week of guided prayer or a retreat. They would attentively listen to where you are at in your life and make suggestions of ways of praying that might help you.

What is a spiritual director?

A spiritual director accompanies you in your spiritual life. They are trained in attentive listening, the art of spiritual conversation and the discernment of spirits.

Spiritual direction in the tradition of Ignatian Spirituality focuses on finding the freedom to become the person you are meant to be, to make good decisions, to love others and to live life to the full. Ongoing spiritual direction helps you to grow in this direction.

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Could you accompany others?

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