Jesuit identity and mission

The Shared Vision programme aims to communicate the Jesuit tradition of education and to encourage awareness and understanding of Jesuit identity and mission.

‘Lay people need to have an understanding of Ignatian spirituality, of Jesuit educational history and traditions, and Jesuit life. The Jesuit school provides programmes to encourage a growing awareness and understanding of the aims of Jesuit education.’ The Characteristics of Jesuit Education n.153

There are four stages to the programme:

Shared Vision
Induction (SVi) delivered in schools.

Shared Vision 1 (SV1) two-day residential.

Shared Vision 2 (SV2) two-day residential.

Shared Vision 3 (SV3) training for those delivering SVi.

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Shared vision


For teachers, teaching assistants and support staff

Shared Vision One is an introduction to Jesuit education for teachers, teaching assistants and support staff, who are in their first few years in a Jesuit school. The conference will look at the story of Jesuit schools, the characteristics of Jesuit education and teaching in the tradition of Ignatius. No prior knowledge or particular religious background is assumed or needed.

19th-20th September 24 - London Jesuit Centre

23rd-24th January 25
- Online

1-2 May 25
- London Jesuit Centre

Shared vision


For teachers (and teaching assistants)

Shared Vision 2 is for teachers (and teaching assistants) and focuses on the Jesuit method of teaching and learning (known as Ignatian Pedagogy). We will look at classroom practice and how the spirit of St Ignatius can inform our teaching today. You do not need to have been on Shared Vision 1 to attend this course, but it does give helpful context and background.

3rd-4th October 24 - London Jesuit Centre

22nd-23rd May 25 - London Jesuit Centre

Shared vision


For senior staff and school chaplains

Shared Vision 3 is a two-day residential course which aims to train senior staff and school chaplains to deliver Shared Vision Induction (SVi) in their own schools. SV3 looks at the SVi material in greater depth and explores the best ways of engaging new staff with the material such that they understand and can contribute to the Jesuit identity and mission of their schools.

19th- 20th June 25 - London Jesuit Centre