Induction and development

The Jesuit Institute provides induction and development for staff and volunteers to help them understand Jesuit mission in all its rich variety and integrity of purpose. We run a Shared Vision programme in parallel with the Shared Vision programme run for Jesuit Schools, and also run online retreats for staff and volunteers to enable them to explore the riches of Ignatian spirituality.

The Society of Jesus makes it clear that staff and volunteers should be given ways to become aware of their place in the Jesuit (and Ignatian) mission:

‘Diverse programs that respect and draw upon the wisdom and experience of the participants allow for a personal appropriation of the mission of the Society. Respecting various levels of connection and understanding, these programmes invite each person—whether employee or volunteer, newly arrived or veteran, Christian believer or member of another faith community, or person without a religious affiliation—into a deeper awareness of his or her place in the Ignatian and Jesuit mission.’ (GC 35 D6 n18)

Shared Vision

The Shared Vision programme seeks to develop staff understanding and promotion of Jesuit mission.

Shared Vision Induction

The aim of the Shared Vision Induction (SVi) course is to ensure that new staff (both professional and support staff) have a good appreciation of the tradition and spirit of the Society of Jesus so they understand the values and practices which characterise the Jesuit work they are joining.

By sharing and communicating the vision of the Society of Jesus to new staff in their first few months, we encourage a shared responsibility for the Jesuit identity, mission and community in their Work, enabling them to play their part in ensuring it is sustained and developed.

Shared Vision I

Shared Vision I builds on and develops the themes of Shared Vision Induction.

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Online Retreats for Staff and Volunteers of Jesuit Works

We provide an online week of guided prayer for employees and volunteers of the Jesuits in Britain. This week is offered as a thank you for your work with the Jesuits. A week of guided prayer may be a new idea to you and we invite you to give this a try.

Whether you are new to this or not, we hope to offer you inspiration for prayer and the listening ear of a personal guide so that you may deepen your relationship with God and be refreshed for all that life holds for you.

How it works

You will be paired with a guide for the week. You will meet with the guide daily for half an hour via zoom. During the week you should try to set aside up to half an hour each day for personal prayer. We will offer workshops on ways of praying during the week.

‘It was a great experience and good to see that retreats can fit around busy working/family life. From the moment I entered the retreat I found I was able to connect and open myself to God. God has begun something in me and my prayer is to continue to listen.’ Previous participant