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Suggested Donation: £158-£232
St Beuno's Jesuit Spirituality Centre
Hosted by
Sarah Young and Maria Neal

How do I use my imagination in prayer? How do I know I am not just making it up?Ignatius of Loyola trusted his imagination in prayer. By imagining a Gospel scene and entering in with all his senses, he believed that the encounter with Jesus was real.Godly Play is a way into prayer using storytelling and creative response methods. It offers time and space to explore through wonder, play and silence. Developed for children but equally powerful for adults, this retreat will combine Godly Play with the Ignatian practice of Imaginative Contemplation to enter into prayer.This retreat will involve group sessions and individual time in the silence of St Beuno’s to enter more deeply into prayer. There will be an opportunity for sharing in small groups.• Maria Neal (Jesuit Institute) and Sarah Young (St Beuno’s)


Link to book via St Beuno's: https://www.beunos.com/retreat/introducing-imaginative-contemplation-through-godly-play-2