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The Jesuit Institute is a partnership of Jesuits and lay people in the UK who work to provide inspiration, resources and training for schools.

The Institute helps governors and school leaders, teachers and support staff, parents and pupils, with the aim of “improvement in living and learning for the greater glory of God and the common good.”(St Ignatius Loyola, cf. Constitutions n.440)

The eleven Jesuit schools of the British Province work together better to understand, promote and live out the vision and spirit of St Ignatius Loyola in education.

The Jesuit Institute shares resources and good practice from around the world and creates and commissions new resources for schools.

The Jesuit Institute also works with other Christian and Catholic schools.


updated on 19.6.18

Vacancy: Director
The new Christian Heritage Centre at Stonyhurst College is advertising for a Director. [date posted 18.6.18]

Vacancy: Houseparent
Mount St Mary's College is advertising for a boarding Houseparent. Closing date: 25th June. [date posted 9.6.18]

JPP Themes 2018-19
A schedule for JPP themes for the school year 2018-19 has been agreed with the Archdiocese of Birmingham and the Archdiocese of Cardiff (both of which use the JPP in their schools). Please note that this differs from the Term 1 schedule previously published for Jesuit schools. [date posted 3.6.18]
JPP Themes for 2018-19
JPP resources

JPP - Virtue and Learning in the Ignatian Tradition

JPP Theme - June/July 2018
The Jesuit Pupil Profile theme for the second half of the summer term (June/July) in Jesuit schools is faith-filled & hopeful. [posted 17.5.18 and updated 1.6.18]
Staff Briefing Paper: Faith-filled & Hopeful

RE Resources
RE resources from Charles Beach for June 2018. [posted 4.6.18]

Good to luck to all our pupils who are sitting exams.
Prayer for exams

The Examen
More resources have been added to the Examen webpage. [posted 3.6.18]
Examen resources

Jesuits in Africa
Holy Boldness - the story of the Jesuits in Africa. [posted 1.6.18]
Holy Boldness

An interview with Fr General during his visit to Canada. [posted 29.5.18]

The Jesuit Science Network
is a digital prosopography on Jesuit scholars in the early modern sciences, encompassing the period between the foundation of the Society of Jesus in 1540 and the first few decades after its suppression in 1773. It provides free access to an extensive collection of biographical information on early modern Jesuits in the sciences along with their contemporary contacts. [posted 24.5.18]
Jesuit Science Network

Jesuit Schools UK on Twitter
Jesuit schools in the UK are now on Twitter: @JesuitSchoolsUK [posted 19.5.18]

The Rio Papers
A new resource has been created around the 13 action points from the Rio Congress (October 2017). This booklet contains the key documents together with structured questions to get discussion and reflection started in your school. [date posted 15.5.18]
The Rio Papers

Statement on Gender
The Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales (CBCEW) has issued a statement on gender following discussion at their Low Week meeting. This statement is an important resource for Catholic schools in pastoral care. [date posted 30.4.18]
CBCEW Statement on Gender

Interview with Fr General
An interview Fr Arturo Sosa SJ about Jesuit education and Jesuit schools. [posted 7.2.18]
Interview with Fr General

Visitations 2018
The schedule for Provincial Visitations of the schools in 2018 is linked below. There is also guidance on preparing for Visitation (and writing the Apostolic Report) and two documents which will form the agenda for this year's Visitations. [posted 20.1.18]
Visitations 2018

Shared Vision Induction
The new powerpoint presentations, handbook, scripts and resources for SVi are now available. [posted 29.8.17]
SVi Resources

Jesuit Pupil Profile
A new resource for schools using the JPP.
Download PDF
[posted 6.6.17]

Jesuit Schools - A Quick Introduction
A new resource for schools, this leaflet briefly describes Jesuit education and Jesuit schools in the UK. It is intended to be a free give-away for parents and visitors.
Jesuit Schools (pdf)
[posted 10.9.16]

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